Youth Resource Center of Katonkaragay

Magaujanov Ernur BekbosinovichDirector of division – Magaujanov Ernur Bekbosinovich
He born 22 August 1987 in rural area Bolshenarimskoe, district of Bolshenarim, region of east Kazakhstan. Kazakh. Party man of «Nur Otan». 2005-2010 years Public University of East Kazakhstan S.Amanzholov named, a degree in «ecology». 2008-2013 years Internal Military Forces Ministry of Home Affairs of Kazakhstan Republic, patrol chief, Ust-Kamenogorsk city. As 8 January 2014 set in a position of a director of youth center the Katon – the district of Katonkaragay. Married, father of two children.

Official charge:
The division head director, nominate in a position and free in a position of division chief domestic policy in district. He nominates in a position and free in a position staff members, same he organize and direct of division work and be personal responsible for the performance of their tasks and actualization own functions. Ink division orders, in standing legislation course realize of encouragement and clap disciplinary penalties with staff members.

kn Reception of private and legal person: everyday 9:00 – 18:00
Address: Ulken Narin area, Ablaykhan st. 113. Contact number 8-(72341)-2-72-50
KGE’s work «Katonkaragay districts youth center»

Youth politic 

Work with youth in the district of Katonkaragay is conducted in accordance with Constitution, at Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «by states youth politic in Republic of Kazakhstan». The main objective of work with youth – create the convenience for its self-actualization, increment in activity with youth, dealing with problems and question with youth. All measure shall be performed in accordance with work plan of realization youth politic in district of Katonkaragay.
On the territory of the district of Katonkaragay live 5657 young peoples at ages from 14 to 29 (representing 22,55% on the part of total population). Of which in rural area 3500 peoples. On the territory of Katonkaragay district function one thing youth nongovernmental organization.
In order organization youth leisure, provision of social assistance in the district of Katonkaragay come about opening KGE «Youth center» by Akimat the district of Katonkaragay. The target of center is creating all necessary economic, social and legal condition by evolution of the youth. In the center is underway work with youth at diverse living environment work and employment, education, professional and academic qualification, for spreading culture among the masses and health-living leisure and other.  Important way in work of the center is supporting young employers materialize the cooperation with center of supporting the employers in helping services to young peoples, make up mind opening its business. In order provision of assistance by young peoples is underway «Welcome Days». Young peoples at ages from 14 to 29 develop by job placement counselling, juridical, psychological and medical helps. The youth of the district of Katonkaragay active participate in sports. In order implication great many populations of work physic culture and sports, as well as in order of sports popularization on the territory of district at first half-year 2013 was taken 853 sporting and mass participation events, with total reach of population 9683 peoples. So far employment sports facilities of the district of Katonkaragay equal to 85%. The health workers of schools, polyclinics, WOL centers in district schools spend the lectures, trainings, games of drug prevention. In district schools under ten-day event of the health spend act «WOL is living base», middle ten-day event with students spend talk by valeology-doctors and a doctors of polyclinic. In district high schools and colleges the narcologists read 23 lectures for prophylactics of vicious habits display of the video tape. In district spend act «Smoke – harm to health». In the act take part by 100 peoples. In accordance with conception spend acceptance school child’s arrow Republic social organization «United organization for children and young people «Zhas Ulan» in district of Katonkaragay 532 school child accepted arrow «Zhas Ulan» and «Zhas Kiran» 1344. The Zhasulaners of the district of Katonkaragay active take part of all schoolish, district of events, here participant same for children and young people organization of «Zhas Ulan», lay hopes on education of the younger generation patriot of the motherland, in terms of love and loyalty of Kazakh nation, its culture, tradition and national value.
In accordance with Law of the RK « by states youth politic» young peoples be guaranteed promotion of employment, professional education, further training as well as provision of employment in any organizations form of incorporation.
Blog: Identity politics. «Information by realization «The strategy of identity equality in the Republic of Kazakhstan by 2006-2016». In the district of Katonkaragay continue of work commission for action of woman and family and demographic policy. At your job follows of conception by identity equality in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, national plan of action after improvement status of woman in the Republic of Kazakhstan, UN Convention of liquidation all discrimination form as for woman.

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