Political parties

Katonkaragay’s district filiation of EKR popular democratic, social association party «NUR OTAN».

NUR OTANPopular democratic «social association party «NUR OTAN» ( later – party) create in 19 January 1999 conversion path of social association «social staff in support of presidential nominee Nazarbaev.N.A of the Kazakhstan Republic» (republic status).
Party shall be taken to be voluntary association citizen of the Kazakhstan Republic, show politic  volition of citizen, different social groups, in order representation of them interests in representational and executive body of powers of the state, local government and  contribution of them formation.
Party work product: participation in political life; Realization of party’s program target and change; participation in legislation.
Party’s target – approach politic work achieve build of economically strong, democratic, cultured, legal,  sociable nation about developed university civil society, modern, competitive, politic system.
Party’s target is  preparation, supporting and  recommendation of politic leaders, party man in body power of the state and local government; explanation and propaganda among population program and charter object and target of party, expansion information of own work; participation at republic referendum  in accordance with  legislative act of the Kazakhstan Republic; presentation in body power of the state and local government interests of party and its party man’s, citizens and different social groups; participation  at carrying socio-economic and politic reform  in accordance with Party Program, formation national living standards; supporting small and middle business, peasant, farmer holding; assistance of strengthening international and interchurch agreement and stability in association;  participation at nationwide discussion of bill; study at public opinion and  proposals generation rule’s project and other normal legal act, as also development project’s normal legal act for entering  representational and executive body, of them realization at deputes untied; assistance of create and organizational  strengthening young people organization, support them and help; assistance of integration young people in social, economic and other sphere of life association and states; presentation  in accordance with the established procedure party man’s to state award; moral stimulation party man’s; assistance of education in citizen impatience with corruption, actualization association control with work of body power of the state.
In district of Katonkaragay function district filial agency national-democratic party «Nur Otan». In rural districts, work collectives and regular school’s created 50 primary party’s organizations.  At 12 deputies from rural council 12 is party man of NDP «Nur Otan».
The filial agency’s chairman of district elected under district conference of party «Nur Otan».
The district party organ «Nur Otan»  participates in all public  significant event date, hold in district. Besides that they is organizer’s, initiator’s  sports tournaments by: volleyball, football, ping pong, skiing race. They act sponsors of tournament in student settings. During the social and politic move work filial campaign train of NDP «Nur Otan», consists of part of IPG, the artists a culture department of district, Aqsaqal board, work force of education, female council and others.



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