SD "The apparatus of akim of the Novo-Khairuzovka rural district of the Katon-Karagay district of the REK" announces a tender for occupying the vacant position of the head of the MSOPE "Kinder-garden" Bolashak "in the rural area of Novo-Khairuzovka

Official duties. Supervises the activities of the pre-school education and upbringing organization (hereinafter referred to as "PE") in accordance with normative legal acts. Together with the pedagogical council, in accordance with the established procedure, organizes the development and approval of working curricula, basic (variational, author's), additional pre-school educational programs, internal regulations. Ensures the implementation of educational programs in accordance with the state compulsory standard of preschool education and training, creates the necessary conditions for the safety of life and health of pupils and employees of the organization during the educational process.
Defines the management structure of the organization, solves financial, economic, scientific, methodological and other issues. Forms contingent of pupils, provides their social protection. Promotes the activities of public pedagogical organizations and methodological associations. Provides the necessary conditions for the organization of food and medical care for children, strengthening and protecting the health of pupils. It is disposed of property and funds in accordance with the procedure established by law, submits an annual report on the income and expenditure of the founders' funds. It ensures accounting, safety and strengthening of the educational and material base, adherence to the rules of the sanitary and hygienic regime, occupational safety and health. Communicates with the public, organizations, interaction with parents (persons substituting them). Carries out selection and arrangement of pedagogical staff and auxiliary personnel, develops job descriptions of employees. Creates conditions for improving the professional skills of cadres. Conducts in due course certification of employees. He has computer literacy, information and communication competence.
Supervises the work of the pedagogical council. Represents the PE in state, public and other organizations. Provides preparation and submission of necessary reporting on the activities of PE.
Must know: the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Education, On Countering Corruption, On Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan, On the Rights of the Child in the Republic of Kazakhstan, On Social and Medical Pedagogical correctional support for children with disabilities ", general and preschool pedagogy, general and age psychology, the state compulsory standard of preschool education and training (hereinafter referred to as the Standard) and other normative legal acts that determine the directions and prospects for the development of the system of preschool education and training, innovative technologies and methods of education and training, labor legislation, sanitary rules and standards of occupational safety and health and fire protection, the basis of pre-medical care; to study, generalize advanced pedagogical experience, and master information and communication competence.
Requirements for qualification: higher pedagogical or vocational education in the relevant profiles, supported by state documents on the appropriate level of education, qualifications and experience of pedagogical work in preschool organizations: for urban areas - at least 5 years, for rural areas - at least 3 years.
The amount of official salary depending on the length of service from 110716 to 130670 tenge
List of documents required for participation in the competition:
1) application for participation in the tender with indication of the list of attached documents;
2) a copy of the identity document;
3) a completed personal list of personnel records with the address of the actual location residence and contact phones;
4) a copy of the documents on education in accordance with the requirements for the position qualification requirements notarized;
5) a copy of the document confirming the labor activity certified by a notary;
6) a certificate of health status in the form approved by the order of the acting.
Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan of November 23, 2010 № 907 "On approval of forms of primary medical documentation of health organizations" (registered in the Register of state registration of regulatory legal acts No. 6697).
The documents are accepted at the address Novo-Khairuzovka, School Street 4, the building of the akimat of the State Administration "The Administration of the Akim of the Novo-Khairuzovka rural district of the Katon-Karagay district of the region East Kazakhstan" within 15 calendar days from the date of official publication in the media. Telephone for reference 8 (72341) 2-73-37.