International workshop for maral growers

Last week, in the building of the Katon-Karagai State Environmental Park, under the chairmanship of the akim of the Katon-Karagai district Kurmambaev Renat Tleukhanovich, an international seminar of maralovodov took place. The seminar was attended by akims of rural districts, heads of deer farms of the East Kazakhstan region, heads of state bodies and independent departments of the district.

Opening the seminar, Renat Tleukhanovich noted that according to statistics today in 11 farms 4.3 thousand deer and sika deer are kept, according to the number of which the Katon-Karagai district occupies a leading position in the region and the republic. Annually, in the maral deer farms of the region, 4 tons of raw or 2.0 tons of canned antlers are produced. Today, 6 maral farms in the region have tribal status. Over the past 3 years, subsidies amounting to 83.3 million tenge were allocated from the republican budget to support maral breeding. According to state programs, maral deer farms of the district in 2018 received 12 million tenge subsidies. For the development of deer farms, a large role is played by 11 pantheals, thanks to which medical and health tourism is successfully developing in the district. In the village of Aksu, Aksu rural district, there is a mini-workshop of the JSC “Aksu DEEN” for the processing of maral products into biologically active additives using antlers, honey, wild herbs. Peasant farms Katon-Karagai deer park produce and sell all over Kazakhstan and "Bayan". Then, the results of the maral farms of the region for the first half of this year were summed up.

   At the seminar, the report “Prospects for the development of deer breeding, product processing and rational use of industry potential” was made by the Deputy Director of the East Kazakhstan Agricultural Experimental Station for Science, Chairman of the Republican Chamber of Maral Deer Reindeer Herding Toktarov Nurlan Zeynelevich.

   With great interest, the participants listened to the report of the professor, head of the deer department of the Institute of Rare Animals of the Chang-Chun City of the People’s Republic of China, Xu Xiu Mei on the topic “Development of deer husbandry, the practice of keeping and feeding deer in the People’s Republic of China”, which was accompanied by a slide show. During the seminar, experts and heads of state bodies answered questions posed by heads of maral deer farms in the region. On behalf of the Republican Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken", special certificates were awarded to the seminar participants. At the end of the seminar, Renat Tleukhanovich, on behalf of the executive branch and deputies of the district, as well as heads of deer farms, thanked Nurlan Zeynelevich and Professor from the People's Republic of China Ksu Xiu Mei for the special visit and useful seminar, wishing them good health and creative success in the development of the deer breeding industry, which is like a visiting card for the Katon-Karagai district. For the participants of the seminar, the artists of the Katon-Karagai rural House of Culture performed a concert program. Then the seminar participants visited Bayan deer farms of the Belkaragai rural district and got acquainted with the technology of cooking and drying deer antlers.