Take care of nature from fire!

From the beginning of the year, 8 sunbathing fires have been registered in the Katon-Karagai district. If a fire is eliminated in one place, another fire is detected in another place. How many uncontrolled burning steppe fires.
In the environment, the causes of fires are different. The main reason is the human factor. There was also a case from the not extinguished campfire, which the citizens, resting in nature leave behind, from the not extinguished cigarette butts left by drivers along the road, that the spring cattle specifically set fire to last year's grass on pastures to grow new grass. All these human actions arise from an indifferent gaze towards Mother Nature.
The resulting damage to the environment caused special harm. Firstly, the air is polluted, the risk of forest fires increases, pastures and hayfields are damaged. Apart from insects, how many bird nests, animals are destroyed. According to biologists, it takes at least a century to restore the forest after a fire.
Dear residents of the Katon-Karagay district!!! Katon-Karagay district is different in its beautiful nature and steppe oasis and attracts tourists. We invite you to preserve such a delightful nature of our district.
If a fire is detected, please call the number “101” or “2-13-01” in the rural area of Ulken Naryn or “2-92-63” the rural area of Katon-Karagai. When you call, do not forget to tell your name, surname and address.

Senior Engineer of Emergency Situations of the Katon-Karagay district, lieutenant of civil protection N.A. Armanov