Akim of Katon-Karagay region

kn О местном государственном управлении и самоуправлении в Республике Казахстан
Закон Республики Казахстан от 23 января 2001 года № 148
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kn Virtual reception
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Greetings from Akim of Katon-Karagay district

Кaton-Karagay district is the ‘pearl’ of Eastern Kazakhstan, recognized leading state of Central Asia. Snow leopard, the valiant symbol of Strategic development of the state until 2030, lives in the territory of our district – on the top of Altay Mountains.
In our district representatives of different nations live in peace and harmony.
In Katon-Karagay district is known with the well-developed agriculture, in particular, the unique sectors such as beekeeping and maral breeding.  
Katon-Karagay district is the unique place for tourists, who want to learn a history of Kazakh nation and see the magic nature of our region.
We are sure that the Official cite of Akim of Katon-Karagay district is capable to give your an opportunity of learning quick, full and objective information about our wonderful region, make new friends and business partners!

Akim of Katon-Karagay region


kn   Reception of citizens – individuals and entities:
Ulken-Naryn village, each Wednesday of the first and second week in a month from 14:30 to 18:30
Katon-Karagay village, each Thursday of the first and third week in a month from 14:30 to 18:30

Telephone: 8 (72341) 2-11-41
E-mail: akimat@katon-karagay.vko.gov.kz

Functional duties:

Guiding, coordination of activities of the district akim, and district’s institutions as well as coordination of the departments, committees, enterprises, and akims of rural areas on economic and social development. 
Giving solutions to perspective and current objects on the execution of the normative acts of the President, Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on reforming, functioning, and development of the district’s economy.
Guiding the district’s budget development and take control of its right execution. Take responsibility for the questions on salaries, monetary and credit activities, the long-term forecasting, the allocation and efficient use of the productive forces, logistics and human resources.

Interaction and the provision of a coordinated work with prosecutor’s office, district’s court, department of homeland security; in cases of internal security and socio-political stability, strengthening of law, performing discipline, struggle against corruption and crime, civil defense and emergency situations. Approves issues for consideration by the district akimat. Submit recommendations for the region’s akim about conferring state awards, assignment of honorary titles and other relevant persons.
Appoints and dismisses the following officers: deputy akim of the district, chief of staff, akims of rural areas in the manner specified by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, heads of structural divisions of the district akim, heads of the executive bodies financed from the local budget.

Optimization of the management structure, selection and placement of workers, administrative and territorial structure, regulation of land relations.

Implementation of the organizational connection with the prosecutor's office, court, Department of Justice, Department of the Interior, the Office of the Agency for State Service in the East Kazakhstan region.


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